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These charges apply to purchasing the Exclusive Right of Burial (including ashes) before or after death of a resident in the Parish of Litton (Litton, Cressbrook and Litton Mill) and in the case of a stillborn child where one of the parents is resident at the time of interment.

All cemetery fees (interments; erection of a memorial; additional inscriptions) payable to the Parish Council will be doubled when the Exclusive Right of Burial (including the Garden of Remembrance) is purchased by or for a non-resident of the Parish of Litton.  If requested to do so the Council is prepared to consider, on a case by case basis, waiving of the doubling of fees if evidence can be provided that shows the person for whom the Exclusive Right of Burial has been purchased was previously a resident of the Parish, and still would have been, were it not for force of circumstances resulting in their moving out of the Parish prior to their death.  For example, having to move into sheltered accommodation that is not currently available within the Parish.  If a person purchasing, or for whom the Exclusive Right of Burial is being purchased, currently lives or was living prior to their death outside of the Parish but has either previously lived in the Parish, still has relatives living in the Parish, or has relatives already interred in the Cemetery, they will not ordinarily be eligible for the waiving of the doubling of fees.   

Clerk: Gill Turner

Rochingham Lodge

Market Square


SK17 8LQ


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