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Monday 16th May 6pm to 7 pm

Litton Village Hall


You are invited to the Litton Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting to be held on Monday 16th May 2022 in Litton Village Hall from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm.


The purpose of the meeting is to listen to your views, and inform and update you about: 


  • How the Council spends your money.

  •  Key elements of the Council’s programme of work including:

  •  Playground Project

  •  Protecting the Village Greens


  • Proposed Plans for the coming year:


  • Cemetery improvements

  •  Tree maintenance of the Parish

  • Benches and tubs renewal/refurbishment 

  •  Any other matters raised by residents at the meeting.  If you are not able to attend but wish the meeting to consider a particular issue, please send an e-mail to the Clerk at


The Annual Parish Meeting provides residents of the Parish the opportunity to ask Councillors questions, comment on what the Council has been doing over the last year, and to make suggestions about what it should do in future years.


There are some important issues on the agenda and your views are vital to us, so please do come along to the meeting or contact the Clerk and have your say.


K Oscroft (Chair), P Oscroft, N Gregory, C Robinson, G Rooke, C Saxby

G Turner (Clerk)        

Clerk: Gill Turner

Rochingham Lodge

Market Square


SK17 8LQ