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Councillors attain office through election or co-option. If you would like to find out more about the role of a Councillor please contact the Clerk

Our Councillors

Cllr Claire Saxby
Cllr Gordon Rooke
Cllr Neil Gregory
Cllr Ian Rennie
Cllr Clare Gamble
Cllr Caroline Brunt


The Parish Council works to maintain, and where possible enhance, the local environment and social and economic welfare of residents. 


  • To treat all residents and communities fairly and with equal respect.

  • To make decisions openly and based on accurate and relevant information.

  • To seek and make decisions which recognise and balance the conflicting views of residents and communities.

  • To look and plan ahead.

  • To work with other organisation, local and county wide, to promote the interests of the Parish.

  • To listen to what residents say they want and need.

  • To develop policies and use them to guide the Council's decision making. 

  • To place the interests of residents before those of Councillors. 




  • Protect all assets owned by the Parish Council for the benefit of the community.

  • Maintain the Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance.

  • Maintain the registered and non registered Village Greens.

  • Maintain recreational facilities at Litton Playground and the Memorial Playing Field.

  • Maintain Cressbrook carpark.

  • Maintain Cressbrook War Memorial.

  • Ensure the continuation of Litton Village Hall for use by residents.

  • Comment on Planning applications relevant to the Parish.

  • Engage actively with other organisations (public, voluntary and private) for the benefit of the Parish and residents. 

  • Maintain a website and notice boards for the provision of information to residents and the wider public

  • To do all the above in an efficient and effective way.

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